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A Penelope Banks Prequel. What happens when there's a theft at The Peaccok Club? 

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About Me

I'm a Brooklyn transplant by way of Los Angeles (via a few other cities). Before becoming a writer I was a legal research librarian. My intense love of history (college major!) and addiction to all things mystery & suspense---there isn't a crime show I haven't binged---led me to begin crafting historical mysteries.


When I'm not writing, I can be found doing crossword puzzles, traveling, trying out that weird cocktail on the menu, eating Mexican food, or doing anything creative----everything from art quilts to drawing.

Is Colette Clark your real name?

No, I picked an alternative pen name out of the blue. I think it works, no?

Why do you remain anonymous? 

Trust me, it's not a plot to deceive you! It's simply a matter of privacy. Yes, I am one woman typing away in my tiny apartment, not a team of infinite monkeys typing away at infinite keyboards.

What is your favorite historical era?

I have to confess that I grew up wishing I'd lived in the 60s. The fashion, the art, the music, the cultural movements all had me obsessed. As an adult, found a deeper fascination with the roaring 20s and Belle Époque period (specifically in France--ask me how many times I've watched Gigi!). As much as I'd LOVE to set a historical mystery during this period, the research would be way out of my comfort zone---I sadly don't know French! As for the 60s, hmmm...



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